Equine Hydrotherapy

equine hydrotherapy pool in the North of England equine hydrotherapy pool in the North of England equine hydrotherapy pool in the North of England equine hydrotherapy pool in the North of England equine hydrotherapy pool in the North of England

Beautry House, Rathmell, Settle, North Yorkshire, BD24 0LA   01729 840284


Set up in 1991 as the first public equine pool facility in the north of England. Set in the Yorkshire Dales in 150 acres of farmland, which is also home to our flock of pedigree Texel sheep - Beautry Texels.

Excellent facilities ensure that your horse has the best possible opportunities for maximum fitness and / or recovery.

  • circular equinehydrotherapy pool
  • solarium
  • horsewalker
  • outdoor ménage
  • large loose boxes
  • Equissage machine
  • Miles of country lanes
  • 24 hour supervision

The Hydrotherapy Pool

We have chosen a circular pool in preference to a straight one to allow the horse to do a longer piece of continuous work to settle down and to build up stamina, rather than having to come out at each end to turn around.


Swimming Is very strenuous. We would estimate that one circuit of our pool is the equivalent to one furlong at a canter although this depends on the fitness and physique of the individual animal.

Each horse’s work varies according to it’s level of fitness, the type of work it does, whether the animal has a injury or is swimming to replace other work and also, perhaps most importantly, how easily the horse swims.

Dogs also benefit from swimming. Greyhounds and show dogs may be swum in a controlled situation and muscle loss due to injuries may be built up safely and without further damage.

The Solarium

The Solarium contains infra red and ultra violet lights. It can be used after swimming to dry the horse off whilst maintaining a constant body temperature. This prevents after exercise chilling and also helps the muscles to relax.

It can also be used as a treatment on it’s own. The ultra violet rays encourage healthy bone formation and give the animal a feeling of well being. The infrared improves blood circulation to injured parts, thereby speeding up the healing process.

Horses can be washed after muddy exercise and put to bed dry and relaxed. Most horses enjoy the solarium and some even go to sleep!

Owners and staff

The friendly and competent team at Rathmell are headed by Stuart and Gail Currie, who have been swimming horses since the pool was built in 1991 in addition to a lifelong involvement with horses of all types.

Stuart and Gail live at the Northern Equine Therapy Centre together with their daughter Grace and three lurchers, ensuring that there is always someone on site to attend to the needs of the equine visitors.

Equine Hydrotherapy pool

Equine Hydrotherapy pool

Equine Solarium

Outdoor ménage